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Friday, 13 November 2015

New country, new post :)

Hi all!!

This year was kind a sad... I  moved out with mine husband from Helsinki and we are living in Germany now. . I miss Helsinki so much, even temperatures, there was forest closely to mine apartment where I could pick up berries and mushrooms lots of animals live there. Its not bad, we live in very pleasant and not too big town Mülheim an der Ruhr. Our neighborhood is very nice and apartment has a lots of windows and big balcony!! :). I started mine quilling creations again, so hope I will be posting something new, and soon!! :). Now I have mine first flower ever (seriously)and decorated its pot with butterfly :). I never had flowers for mine own ever... so keep your fingers crossed for this poor little thing. I have a lots of space so maybe I will come up with some new Christmas decorations :) or something else:).  

Thursday, 9 April 2015

We have beautiful winter this spring!! :)

Hello everyone!!

I have something new for you :). I made new butterfly, monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus).  North American butterfly,  it’s one of the most known butterfly that migrates. Probably most of you can recognize this particular species because of its specific and contrasting colors. I will make Hawaiian morph that is white and black and called White Monarch :).

Bad weather was quite good for making new projects but I'm happy that now I can see possibility for some sun in the future. I love Finland but after disappointing winter I would like some sun at least :). In Helsinki there was almost no snow like last year but then I was preparing for motorcycle trip at least...

This winter was so sad... bad weather, cold, no motorcycle to ride or even just to repair... But no more complaining here you have mine vision of monarch butterfly!! :)

Method like with Papilio Machaon and others

 Also I miss thing that I ate last year in Israel... Kanafeh  it’s almost like sunshine captured and cooked with cheese and sugar!! :D I love the desert and sunshine and warmth!! Maybe mine next work will combine this things, will see :). 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

3D quilling flowers :)


Here is little something for those who are  fed up with winter:).  Little variation with Campanula flowers, at least i tried to make them little bit similar to this species. This was my first project where I used hot glue... Mess everywhere :P. Thin threads were everywhere :P , but it was an interesting experience :). I felt like Penny from "The Big Bang Theory" :D.

Two years ago I made Lilac flowers and It was my first experience with wires, but it went ok :P. I found then paper with beautiful violet color I made few Christmas ornament but I wanted more :D. My very best friend love violet color, I will be visiting her soon so she should have big surprise :D. 

Something about making process, I made flowers similarly to Clivia flowers, beam is made with thin wires and covered with green crepe paper. To make steams I used white metallic paper 1cm wide and gold pearl marker. Here is picture how beam looks like before covering with crepe paper :). 

 Sorry that pictures are not that great, I have little problems with my camera and In Finland during winter its so hard to get good light :/. I made these photos using my phone.

Happy crafting everyone, and lets hope that spring will be here soon!!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Papilio machaon quilling 3D :D.


Sorry fot not writing :( I took to many projects and I have problems with finishing them :/. Here is a little sample with mine work :D.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Quilled angels and stars

Hi :)

I have few quilled angels for you :). Sorry that I'm posting so late but I was so angry with this project :(. I made all this for my sister and send her package but it was STOLEN!!! Don't know who would want steal paper crafts but I'm thinking the worse'st things about this person :( so much work, time and my afford. :(

I'm still sad :(.


Quilled Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)

Hi everyone!!!

sorry fot such big brake, but I will make up to you :). Im back with Common Kestrel, not just one but two :). Made this pare for my friend and because my tenth wedding anniversary :). Kestrel is very beautiful and graceful bird from Falcon family. Female is more brown and darker from male which is gray-brow shaded. She is symbol of power and vitality, she is very common in Europe and little bit ind the area of Mediterranean Sea. If you are living in Europe, especially in town look up, you have very big chance to see them flying because this species is quite well accommodated to the environment of the city.  

Sorry for the lecture:P but I love these birds, and owls :). 

Models are made from paper strips, egg shells and few wires for the branches :). How do you like the effect? Not bad? 

Best wishes and happy crafting!!

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